The Majesty of Christ (3)

A Six-day devotional for private and family use

We are Temporal Beings

Eternity is a difficult concept for us to grasp because we can’t fully experience it during our lifetime. When the Bible speaks of eternity it isn’t simply a designation of unending time. It is the quality of life that God exists in and refers to the continuation and consistency of his majestic authority for all time.

Part three of six

Majesty is such a huge concept in the Bible that it requires six terms to fully describe what it means.  The third characteristic of majesty is eternity.

3) Jesus is eternal

Jesus’ glory and strength were established long before other authorities existed. God rules over all rule, authority, and powers. His decrees will outlast all other dominions because all other authorities derive their ability to control from God. This tri-part description of governance usually refers to three forms of powers that oppose God. The Greek word, “Arche” (rule) identifies Satan as the ruler of this world (Jn 14:30). “Exousia” (authority) commonly means a force of power in a supernatural evil sense that blinds people to the presence of God (Col 1:16, 2:15). Jesus, on the cross, disarmed demonic authorities and made a public spectacle of their defeat.

“Dunamis” (power) refers to miraculous powers, again usually associated with violence or miracles that will confuse and distract people from the one true God. We derive the English word dynamite from this Greek word. Jesus warned in the last days there will be powerful exhibitions of spiritual power such as healings, deep religious encounters, and things we would call miracles, but they aren’t from him. They are designed to deceive God’s people if that is even possible (Mt 24:24).

God the Father crowned Jesus “with glory and honor and has put everything under his feet” (Heb 2:8). This is a declaration of authority and power. We don’t always experientially perceive that everything is under his feet. Often the world appears out of control or ruled by thugs. Yet it remains true that God is The Ruler. All power exists and entities exercise their powers because God is eternally in control. He is the source of all power and all powers answer to him as the Judge. All Authority belongs to Jesus (Mt 28:18) and no power can withstand the Lord’s will. 

Knowing God is in control produces a sense of confidence that we can do his will. We can rest assured Jesus’ strength will never be extinguished. When Moses witnessed the burning bush he realized that it was burning but not using its branches and leaves to maintain combustion (Ex 3:2). God needs nothing to sustain his power. His power is endless. We won’t trust him and in the end, be put to shame because he ran out of power. Jesus is an eternal being, who receives his power from his eternal Father. His authority is eternal. It never ends and no corner of the universe operates outside of his control.

As Jesus’ disciples, he equips us with power (Dunamis) and authority (Exousia) to drive out demons and to cure diseases (Lk 9:1). We have at our disposal eternal divine strength to overcome any form of evil because Jesus is our eternal Ruler (Arche). What we see in the world as ruling, authority, and power is often a perversion of God’s rule, authority, and power.

Don’t be fooled by an imitation of eternal strength. Rather, exercise your right as a child of God to use his power and authority to accomplish his will.

We belong to the one who once laid down his majesty, being in the very nature God, to become nothing, so that we might have everything he has to offer, and to enjoy it forever. Eternity is not simply the length of our lives in Christ. It is also a quality of his majesty. We are to enjoy eternal life from the Jesus who has the authority to give it and the power to sustain life for eternity. Jesus is the giver of eternal life. Worship Jesus our eternal Ruler.

“Your throne was established long ago; you are from all eternity” (Ps 93:2 NIV).

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