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What is acceptable and unacceptable responses to blogs

My Comment Policy

In a sincere desire to encourage conversation about the subjects and articles found on my blog, I want to make a few statements about what is acceptable and unacceptable commenting. I hope you find this policy supportive of healthy discussion and commenting.

1) Please sign in using your email address.

I would like everyone to sign in using their email address so if there is a need to respond in private or follow up with additional resources, I know who is asking for assistance. If you choose to be anonymous that’s okay, but if there are any inappropriate comments made to myself or others in our community, those comments will be edited or removed.

2) All comments will be monitored and posted after they are approved.

This isn’t to limit comments, but to ensure comments are done in a spirit of love and respect. Some comments may be edited due to space limitations or to make your comments more readable. We want to encourage discussion and pursue thoughts that glorify Jesus Christ, so please keep your responses honorable and encouraging.

3) Follow-up questions are encouraged.

I find other’s comments always interesting and educational. Often the insights of others can make a significant contribution to a topic. Feel free to interact with my content or respond to another’s question about my content. Feel free to respond to others in the discussion too. Hearing from others, besides myself, adds depth to our discussions. Your perspective on a topic may be most helpful and I look forward to learning from our community of bloggers as much as supplying resources.

4) You may disagree or correct me.

I do make typos and other mistakes, so thanks ahead of time for your grace in correcting me. However, please disagree or suggest corrections in a spirit of mutual respect. And make sure you give respect to others who comment too.

5) I reserve the right to delete any comments I find out of line with the purposes and spirit of this blog.

Comments that will be deleted include the following but are not limited to: rude or offensive comments; libelous or defamatory accusations; abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, false, or misleading statements; or any comment that violates or encourages others to violate Christian decency and order.

6) Please don’t try to advertise, solicit, promote goods or services in the comment section.

This website is not a place for you to lobby or sell your wares. However, you may post a link to your site or most recent blog post. I want to encourage community and communication, so let people know who you are.

7) I expressly disclaim any and all liability from any comments made other than my own.

By commenting on my site, you agree to ownership of your own comments and hereby relieve me of any and all liability that may result from your comments on my website.

8) You grant me license to post your comments when you post to my website.

This license is worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free. In posting to my website you grant me the right to store electronically or in hard copy, to transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to my blog, in a book, a video, an audio, or a visual presentation in any form or format.

I hope these rules and the release of your right when you post content on my website will encourage robust, sincere, and respectful conversations with others like yourself. This is one of the goals of my hosting comments. God’s richest blessings on you and thank you for engaging my content. May Jesus Christ be praised.