Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common questions that are asked regarding this website.

If you have a question about where to find things or a suggestion as to how this site can be improved, please contact me and I will answer your inquiry in a timely manner and consider all suggestions.


What is the purpose of this website?

This website exists to glorify Jesus Christ by equipping the local church and its leaders with historic biblical content presented in a compelling manner.

Resources are provided to people who desire to live out the implications of the gospel from a Christ-centered lifestyle and seek to be encouraged and informed as to what it means to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission (Deut 6:5, Mt 22:37; 28:19-20). Here you will find content for small groups, sermons, Sunday School curriculum, and training in effective communications of historic Christianity.  Sometimes this is called teaching with “light” and “fire.” We want you to know Christ and make him known, and to do it effectively and winsomely to individuals who need to hear the grace of God.

Who is this website designed for?

This website is designed for professional and lay leaders, educators in the Church, and anyone interested in developing faith in Christ. Under the Educational section, you will find resources for teachers of the Bible for adults, youth, and children. Under the Pastoral section, you will find resources for Pastors of adults, youth. and children as well as administrative tools for pastoral ministry to all ages. Many of the other sections will have content of interest to anyone wanting to align their heart with their head as they learn to follow the Lord. It is important that believers in Jesus are motivated by solid biblical content and then use that content compellingly to encourage others to trust in the Lord. We must learn and do; repent and change; love and serve, and grow in these dynamics all our lives.

How can I sign up for your updates and news items?

This feature will be coming soon.  For now, enjoy the blog and other study materials.

You can sign up for weekly email updates. Go to the resource page and click on the resource picture in the right column.

How can I find a topic of interest?

The internal search function is operational. Just type in a keyword and it will search all the documents on this website and bring them up in your window.

How do I change the text to my first language?

If you scroll down to the footer of the main page you will find a language translator. Click on this icon and scroll down its menu to find the language you would like to use to read. The default is American English, and not every text will translate as some words are embedded images and not text. Each article is written in English so the machine translation might not always translate the text as smoothly or as culturally appropriate as we would like. If you need a language that is not listed, please contact us and we will consider adding additional languages. Enjoy and share this site with your friends!

Enjoy and share this site with your friends!