What People Say About Jim


“Perhaps the most impressive and pertinent ability of Dr. Klukow’s was how he was always able to effectively connect any message to Jesus”

“Dr. Klukow’s character shows a passion and desire to live for the Lord and serve in His name. He showed great interest and concern in my life, the lives of all others within the congregation, and those contacted within the public”

“Dr. Klukow has personally developed a plethora of information to help assist in a variety of church-related topics.”

Dr. Jonathan Sisk, DC     Owner: Sisk Chiropractic, ARPC elder


“I have known him for over 20 years, have worked together under his leadership 20 years ago, and have called him for counsel and wisdom at key points in my ministry.”

“Jim is an excellent strategist, mentor, and administrator. He is thorough, no matter the project he is addressing, whether it is a plan for church planting or research on personal and spiritual growth.”

“Jim has added to my ministry over the years by helping me assess my own strengths and weaknesses, and given me a sounding board with which to assess ministry opportunities and challenges.”

“Jim is a teacher who thinks in principles and cares deeply about things being practical and not merely theoretical.”

Rev. Joel Pelsue     Founder and CEO Arts and Entertainment Ministries, ordained in the PCA. [a-e-m.org]


“I have found Jim to be a man of commitment and integrity in line with the biblical qualifications for an elder outlined in 1 Timothy 3.”

“Jim will take the initiative to go beyond merely maintaining a ministry, but he will seek ways for it to grow and expand.”

“Jim is a fine communicator with excellent speaking skills… he is also gifted with technology which in our day is so necessary.”

“In Jim, you will find a godly, spiritually sensitive, creative, well-talented man.”

Rev. Dr. R. Boyce Wilson     Retired ARPC Minister

“The Board of Trustees has asked me to write to you to express our deep gratitude for your work in producing the video series ‘The Present Ministry of Jesus.’ All of the reports we have heard about the quality and usefulness of the work have been very encouraging. We praise God for the gifts he has given you.”

Rev. George R. Cottenden     Secretary, Board of Trustees, Westminster Theological Seminary


“On behalf of the orientation staff, I want to thank you for your involvement during New Student Orientation (teaching on Time Management). Your program contributed to the very positive feeling about the events. I have even met with a student who has blocked out all of his times for the entire week. You really have a positive impact.”

Ms. Janet E. Walbert     Dean of Students, Arcadia University

“In my ‘business-life’ I had been bouncing back-and-forth between ‘being in control’ and ‘being disinterested’—through Jim I realized that EVEN IN MY BUSINESS we’re not called to perform a ‘balancing’ act but to seek out and follow a third way altogether. Jim’s study and teaching (in Matthew on the Kingdom of God) addressed my worldly situation, released me from an exhausting no-win struggle, and opened the door to a more productive, thankful and unified life.”

Mr. Robert W. Eggleston     Financial consultant, insurance business owner


“Dr. Klukow was a standout with his qualifications in building and carrying out the responsibilities of a pastor. He … exceeded the elder’s goals.”

Mr. John W. Major     Business Owner, Major Industries; ARPC Elder

“We had experienced some leadership conflicts and disagreements on methods of outreach. Jim worked with our Session and helped us to identify problems and solutions. He was able to bring us together along with the congregation in a spirit of unity and cooperation. He has also provided us with strategies for the growth of our church. I highly recommend Jim. He has a pastor’s heart and a professional’s expertise”

(Name withheld)     Presbyterian Pastor facing major conflicts with his Session and Congregation


“Jim possesses great gifts for analysis and problem-solving. I have often benefited from those skills. More important than that, he cares about people. He wants to help them walk with Christ. He is sensitive to the realities of doing this in a fallen world.”

Rev. Steve Cavallaro     Pastor and Chairman, Presbytery Minister & His Work Committee