Samaritan Ministries

Samaritan Ministries International

What is Samaritan Ministries International?

Samaritan Ministries International (SMI) is a Christian Health Care Ministry. It’s not insurance even though it exists to assist its members with their health care expenses. It’s a ministry designed to help Christians help one another. It also controls medical costs making them more affordable.

Christian Health Care Sharing

Christian Health Care Sharing

SMI is a group of believers who have come together in a biblical community to help bear one another’s medical burdens without the use of health insurance. SMI members provide each other with prayer, emotional, and financial support in times of medical needs.

There are currently almost 70,000 households worldwide using SMI (Feb 2017). That amounts to almost a quarter of a million people using SMI on a monthly basis. SMI members share over $25 million each month to meet the medical needs of its members.

Why would I drop my insurance coverage and join SMI?

Under the Affordable Health Care Act and with many insurance plans there have been significant problems with 1) limitations in choosing your doctor, 2) premiums skyrocketing, and 3) increasing deductibles making it very expensive or cost prohibitive for many to use their medical insurance. SMI has a biblical solution for these and other issues associated with medical insurance.

This site has yet to publicly launch. I expect to begin posting resources by November 6, 2017.

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Until this website is fully developed, there are limited resources currently available. New weekly content is being posted, so search around and see what is new. I expect to publically launch this site on November 6th with weekly devotions and resources for leaders in the church, and the content indexed for easy discovery.

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Good news. The website is up and fully functional. Enjoy the free articles. If you have a topic you want to be addressed, email me with your thoughts. Blessings in Christ.