Weird Days

Days to Recognize for Youth Groups in 2018

old microphoneYouth publications are always looking for crazy elements to add to a newsletter or a crowd breaker to open a meeting. Why not include these goofy days to lighten up the room? Offensive and non-Christian recognitions have not been included in this list.

Six Essentials for Effective Youth Ministry

Training youth to think and act biblically

It’s a battle for their allegiance

Teens struggle to be holy against a culture that is overwhelmingly ungodly. Such intensity produces spiritual battle fatigue and can discourage the most faithful student. Here are six essential action steps a youth pastor or leader can take to resource teens in the battle over their faith.Teens being spun around

1 Focus talks on God’s sovereignty and grace as the essence of the gospel

Many youth workers think that youth ministry is all about leading teens to Christ. It’s broader than that. It’s about bringing the gospel to bear on all aspects of a student’s life. It’s about training a teen so they develop the life-skill of knowing how to apply the gospel to every situation they face.