Racehorses Instead of Cows

A Biblical Priority for the New Year 2018

Excitement and Frustration

The beginning of a new year brings excitement and anxiety. We are excited about new opportunities and adventures but also concerned about the future and safety of our families.

If a survey asked people to list what are the most common sources of concern or frustration, placed on the top of that list would be fatigue. Time and money pressures are genuine concerns. They make it hard to relax and enjoy what God offers us. Trying to make ends meet can be exhausting.

Fatigue can result from being overcommitted. We like what we do so we pour all of our resources into it. This, to some degree, is satisfying but stress and uneasiness about the future can be emotionally exhausting.

Many of us live with too much stuff jammed into our bag. We say yes to too many things, then we pull back, only to jump back into doing too much after a brief resting period. This is a fatigue cycle. Can you imagine Jesus jamming too much into his life?

We have launched

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As promised, we are launching this website today. We begin with a series on why people fear sharing their faith. We calling it Euangelophobia, which is a combination of two Greek New Testament words that mean good news and fear.

Why are people so afraid to share their faith? There are a number of reasons, and for the next three weeks we will explore those reasons and suggest biblical solutions for overcoming the fear of sharing the good news. Enjoy!

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Signing up to receive these talks is easy. Just go to the resource page and subscribe. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you will receive a topical resource designed to strengthen your faith and resource your teaching, preaching, and leadership ministry. Also, we will be posting resources for ministry several times a month, so visit often and tell your friends about this new resource for Christian ministry.

God’s richest blessings. Jim


What’s New?

Current resources include several very useful articles.

  1. For resources on where to find free and inexpensive professional quality pictures to use in all media-based ministries, check out the media library article.
  2. A great worship resource is a six-part series on the Majesty of Christ. Take the challenge and use this as a six-day daily personal or family devotional. Start on Monday; end on Saturday and see how it will transform your view of what takes place during a Sunday morning worship service!
  3. The video on being a mature Christian is a challenge to adults of all ages, especially senior adults as we prioritize what is really important in our sanctification process. If you want a two-week study guide for small groups, contact me and I will send a free PDF file for you to copy for each participant.
  4. And, don’t forget to check out the Samarian Ministry contact. This is an amazingly affordable alternative to medical insurance. It’s worth a call to see how joining this distinctively Christian organization can help you with medical financial needs. We joined and couldn’t be more satisfied.
  5. Comming soon will be a Christmas list of books you can purchase for yourself, friends, or family that are excellent sources for encouraging Christian growth in in grace.
  6. Right after Christmas, I will be posting an article on New Year’s Resolutions that will challenge our cultural pressure cooker to live in the extreme. Here is a great resource for developing a New Year’s Bible study or sermon. Check it out right after Christmas.
  7. Each week more resources for ministry will be posted, so make this site a stopping point on your weekly internet travels.
  8. If you are interested in using any of the resources on this site, check out the permission page. You will be amazed as to how much content is available for use (and will be in the future) for your ministry.
  9. Have any questions? Have any suggestions on topic or resources you would like to glean from this site? Send me a quick comment and I will consider posting just what you are looking for.


In the Future …


Biblical Institute for Christian Educators

What does the future hold for this site? We hope to provide, at reasonable costs, continuing education courses in Theology, Pastoral Care, Christian Education, and Ministry Development. We will call it the Biblical Institute for Christian Educators (BICE for short). If all things go well, it will launch in late 2018. We hope to have the courses accredited and transferable for undergraduate and master’s level programs at existing Christian colleges and seminaries. Stay tuned. It will take a while to reach this future goal, but when we do you will find affordable and solid biblical courses to help you develop and strengthen your ministry.

Church Calendar

Aligning Christian and Social Holidays into an Annual Church Calendar

Developing an Annual Church Calendar

Whether you are a new pastor, associate pastor, or a seasoned pastor, developing an annual Church calendar has become part of leading a congregation in the development of its ministry plan.

More and more churches are using annual calendar planning sessions to map out the implementation of its vision for the coming year. There also appears more interest in learning about the historic Church calendar than in the recent past. To base ministry planning around a twelve-month structure that considers historic Christian traditions and practices are becoming more popular each year as church leaders find that it saves them time in the long run. Even solo pastors of smaller congregations find it advantageous to make an annual ministry plan for the churches they serve.

For all aspects of ministry, developing an effective and useful calendar is essential. This is where worship service themes, sermon topics and series, special music, communion, and other dynamics used in worship are coordinated. Much time coordinating events, promotions, and other ministry support activities are served by a well-planned calendar.

I take one or two days each year to get away and focus on developing an annual Church calendar. Once the calendar is complete I present it the Elders for any changes they wish to make and then we vote to approve it as a tool to implement the ministry vision for that year. One side benefit of having an annual Church calendar pre-approved is that all of the activities in that schedule also are approved upon the Elder’s approval.