Nick Foles’ Testimony

Superbowl winner and MVP talks about Jesus

It’s always exciting to hear a person who is extremely successful at what he or she does and for them to give Jesus Christ the glory for their efforts. Nick Foles, the quarterback for the NFL Eagles football team is no exception. Immediately following his victory, each national interview mentioned Jesus. He’s not ashamed to identify himself with Christ (another Tim Tebow and Kurt Warner).

Here’s a video of him sharing the importance of knowing and following Jesus. It has over 1.5 million views already.

I thought you might enjoy hearing a strong man give a strong testimony.  What a great video to share with teens and men’s groups.  Jim


Miracles – Jesus Changes Water into Wine

Four Principles for Discerning Miracles (three of three)

The Importance of Discernment

There are four key principles that help us discern if a miracle really happens and if that miracle was done by God. They can be deduced from the story of Jesus changing water into wine (Jn 2:1-11).water turning into wine

Just as in any aspect of life, such as economics, politics, or religion, there are individuals who prey on the vulnerable and gullible. People are scammed out of their money, they are duped by political promises that were never intended to be fulfilled, and in the religious aspect of life, there remain influencers without scruples who are primarily concerned with their own success. We need to be wise discerning followers of Christ to avoid being taken advantage of by faithless individuals. Here are four important principles to guide us in the event a miracle occurs.

Miracles- Jesus Changes Water into Wine

Jesus is a Miracle Worker (two of three)

Jesus is a Miracle Worker

There’s more to the world than what our senses detect. What is real includes what we taste, touch, smell, hear, and see. But there’s a part of us our senses don’t identify.water turning into wine

It’s our feelings and emotions. They are beyond the physical aspects of this world. Our emotions are non-physical. If people have two parts to them, the sensorial and the non-physical, then it doesn’t take much imagination to conceive of the whole universe including a non-physical or spiritual aspect.

When discussing miracles, the physical and spiritual aspects of life interact. God is Spirit (Jn 4:24). He’s the God of all creation (both material and spiritual) who is interacting with his creation. He requires of us to physically and emotionally respond to him. That is, we are to obey him with our behavior and to deeply love him within our spirits. Miracles are out of the ordinary divine interventions into the physical world.

Miracles- Jesus Changes Water into Wine

Meet the Miracle Making Jesus (part one of three)

What is a Miracle?

Are miracles possible? If we believe in an open universe, that is, that God exists and is personally involved in the creation, then miracles are possible. They really do happen.water turning into wine

Rationalists and cynics exclude the possibility of miracles, not because they have a rational reason for doing so, but because they begin with the assumption that miracles are impossible. Christians don’t limit their imagination as do naturalists. Christians hold the assumption that some things are supernatural because within the realm of reality there exist physical and spiritual aspects of nature.

Weird Days

Days to Recognize for Youth Groups in 2018

old microphoneYouth publications are always looking for crazy elements to add to a newsletter or a crowd breaker to open a meeting. Why not include these goofy days to lighten up the room? Offensive and non-Christian recognitions have not been included in this list.

Six Essentials for Effective Youth Ministry

Training youth to think and act biblically

It’s a battle for their allegiance

Teens struggle to be holy against a culture that is overwhelmingly ungodly. Such intensity produces spiritual battle fatigue and can discourage the most faithful student. Here are six essential action steps a youth pastor or leader can take to resource teens in the battle over their faith.Teens being spun around

1 Focus talks on God’s sovereignty and grace as the essence of the gospel

Many youth workers think that youth ministry is all about leading teens to Christ. It’s broader than that. It’s about bringing the gospel to bear on all aspects of a student’s life. It’s about training a teen so they develop the life-skill of knowing how to apply the gospel to every situation they face.

The Power of Commitment

Commit your Plans to Christ (Proverbs 16:3)

Today the world is dominated by information producers and seekers. We live in an information age where data and intellectual content are valued commodities (property). Valuable information consists of organized thoughts and ideas that often express a plan or procedure necessary for producing something.two rugby teams

When Solomon compiled and wrote the book of Proverbs most employment was agriculturally oriented. It was manual labor. Only the wealthiest experienced the luxury of contemplating philosophy and theology. Few books were written compared with today’s publishing endeavors. Speaking your thoughts was not commonly considered work (unless you were a Greek philosopher or a teacher). Actions constituted work. Thoughts expressed in hopeful plans were considered only works yet to be done.

Yet, this verse strikes at the very heart of a man of action in any age.

Discovering How to Revitalize Your Grandparent Ministry 

Ministry for the 40 + Crowd

With the “Age Wave” making its impact on Church ministry, folks over 40 years old are now making up more than half of church attendees, and there is an increasing number of adults who are becoming grandparents. Grandparents hold a special place in the family structure and in church ministry.

Grandparents involved in ministry is returning to its 1950s level of importance. Back in the 1950s, grandparents were still working and were a vital part of the family unit. They were also the backbone of Church ministry. With Baby Boomers now aging into their 60s, the Church is filling up once again with grandparents just as it experienced in the 1950s. The “Age Wave” created by Baby Boomers is producing similar effects in today’s Church as grandparents actively engaged in ministry did in the 1950s.